Grow in Evangelism

BridgeThe Bridge Illustration:

(A Navigators’ Resource)

Use this simple tool to share with your non-Christian friends how they can have friendship with God and how they can know for certain that they will go to Heaven!


Download the Bridge Illustration:

The Bridge Illustrationpdf


Read an Explanation of How to Use Bridge:

How to Use the Bridge Illustration


Watch Pastor Bob explain How to Use Bridge Illustration:


th-1One-Verse Evangelism:

(A Navigators’ Resource)

Click on this link and learn how you can use one verse to share the Good News with your friends!

Download the One Verse diagram




Learn how to use the Evangecube, a very effective tool for sharing the gospel with people of any age, including children!




3 Circle3 Types of People:

(a Campus Crusade Resource)

Use this simple tool to explain to your Christian friend the difference between having Christ as Savior and Christ as Lord of your life.

Click on the 3 Types of People link.

2 Replies to “Grow in Evangelism”

  1. Ed Princesa

    I created a New and different kinds of bridge illustration, I called it the ED BRIDGE ILLUSTRATION (Evangelism and Discipleship Bridge Illustration). It’s a little bit long and still in a rough draft version and I’m looking for a shorter, clearer and in animated version of this.
    Please check. I hope it will help.

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