July 1 Update: Rejoice With Us!

REJOICE WITH US and meet some of our new friends from Pali Momi Medical Center!

Today, Becky and I stopped by PMMC to drop off 10 Study Bibles for a number of the staff, nurses and doctors who I had the joy of meeting during my initial surgery on June 6 when I underwent a radical robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy and then again this past Wednesday, June 28 for an emergency surgery to correct a painful urinoma — a post-surgical breach of the bladder/urethra connection that resulted in urine accumulation adjacent to the bladder (now you know)!

We’re out of the hospital recovering at Becky’s cousin’s house in Honolulu and planning to be back on Kauai on Monday, but I hope I never recover from the inexpressible joy we experienced in what God did today or from the addiction I seem to have for what I only know to refer to as “organic, Jesus-style” ministry! 

The rest of this message is for those of you who want more details:

Let me begin by thanking you for your prayers, support and encouragement for me, Becky and our sons over the last two months! Despite not being able to respond to every phone call, note/card, email, TM or FB post, I have read and reread them all and been lifted, strengthened and inspired each one! Words are inadequate to properly express our gratitude for your generous love, friendship and prayers!

OK, back to the Bibles: As you may recall from a previous post, Becky and I had the privilege of leading Kira (one of my 6th Floor nurses) to Christ on June 8 and promised to gift her with a good Study Bible.

However, by the time I was discharged from Pali Momi last night, there were 9 more nurses and staff members who also expressed a desire for a Study Bible.

These are men and women I am honored to count as friends and who are hungry for the Word of God – one who received Christ, others who recommitted their lives to Christ and the rest who were strengthened and encouraged in their walks with Christ as a result of God’s strategic and loving orchestration!! Who knew that a dreaded curse like cancer could produce so many incredible God-ordained BLESSINGS!! 

OK, back to the Bibles: Today we planned to deliver the Bibles for distribution to Stephanie Coleman (my Case Manager and the woman God used to start gathering and uniting believers in prayer at PMMC in March of 2016 – a fellowship that now includes over 50 staff/administrators/doctors who are part of a group text prayer team), Kira (one of my gifted and compassionate nurses and newest sister in the Lord) and Nathan Kohashi (a wonderful, effective, faithful and humble man who is the Chaplain for PMMC).

But by the time we arrived, additional staff, nurses, an X-Ray Tech and management personnel showed up to be a part of this joyous and celebratory occasion!

Suffice it to say, our time of mutual testimony, sharing and prayer was an incredible encouragement to us all because the Holy Spirit was actively working in and through us all — loving us, empowering us and inspiring us to live more fully, more boldly and more radically for Christ than ever before!

The blessings were profound, the presence of the Holy Spirit was undeniable and our joy was unspeakable! 

OK, back to the Bibles: I put the word out about our plan to purchase Study Bibles to about 15 friends a few days ago and they gave over $500 toward the purchase of the 10 beautiful Study Bibles that we delivered today.

And now, others who heard about what we were doing, want in on the action and are giving more money to supply more Study Bibles to more eager staff, nurses, doctors and administrators (there are already 10 more on a waiting list) at the discretion of Stephanie and Nathan!

I’m blown away by the LOVE of those of you who gave so generously and joyfully!

God is doing a great work at PMMC and Becky and I are blessed beyond words to come alongside this existing, fruitful and growing work of the Spirit and to do whatever we can to strengthen and encourage this loving, inspiring and passionate group of medical professionals to have all the tools they need to fulfill their calling from the Lord and to fulfill it from their unique platform of service at Pali Momi Medical Center!

If you would like to be a part of supplying “Bibles For Pali Momi”, you can make a tax-deductible donation online at https://www.crossroadskauai.org/donate-to-cck-2/ and scroll down to the “PayPal” donate button or write a check to Crossroads Christian Fellowship with a note indicating “Bibles for Pali Momi”.

Every dollar will go directly to the purchase and distribution of as many Bibles as the funds provide!

Lastly, I’d like to ask that you consider including the wonderful work that God is doing at PMMC in your prayers whenever you pray for me!

Becky and I love all of you deeply and count it an honor to join you in loving God, loving others, making disciples and bringing maximum honor, glory and praise to our Savior and King, Jesus Christ! 

** Please note, if you leave a comment I will see and read it but I may not be able to respond to each one individually but know your continued love and prayers are very much appreciated.

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