June 28: An Update from Pastor Bob Hallman


Thanks for the prayers – God is answering in such amazing and beautiful ways! 

My corrective surgery went very well and I’m going to be staying in the hospital for at least one more night. Tomorrow, they’ll remove the catheter and send me home with a drainage tube in place to make sure I don’t have any reoccurring buildup of fluid in my prostate bed. 

But, as usual, the most exciting and thrilling part of this whole adventure are the incredible number of divine appointments that are coming at a fast and furious pace! 

What a blessing cancer has become for the advancement of God’s kingdom and what a redemptive God we serve! 

Only the Lord could take something as cruel as cancer and redeem it for the salvation of the lost and for His glory and praise. 

More updates on the Epic Adventure to come soon! 



**Please note, Bob and Becky will see and read your comments but may not be able to respond to each one individually. Please know your love and prayers are very much appreciated. <3 

2 Replies to “June 28: An Update from Pastor Bob Hallman”

  1. Stephanie & Capt. Bob

    Aloha Nui Bob & Becky & Michael,

    Thank you for sharing your epic journey with us. Capt. Bob stopped by Crossroads yesterday to have a visit with you, but didn’t realize so much is happening in your world right now. Happy for you that Becky and Michael are close by your side because family and Church family means so much to you. Excited that you will post updates here, so we are not a burden to you when communication falls away because well, you’re taking care of yourself and that’s just what you’re supposed to do right now.

    We are praying, “Be Healed” in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    We miss you, but know that you are being held in His very capable hands, dear friend.

    We Love you and will never cease praying,
    Stephanie & Capt. Bob
    P.S. Youtube has the most beautiful healing videos with music and scriptures that you can listen to instead of all the buzzers and noises of the hospital if you like listen.

  2. Julie an Greg Wohrle

    May our Lord provide you all the strength to walk this path. I also ask, In Jesus Name, for your perfect will to be released on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you for your provisions. They are perfect. AMEN

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